RWD Brakes - Superior Friction

Race Winning Designs MTB Disc Pads

For more years than RWD would care to admit, they have been engineering performance braking components. They cut their teeth in motorsport, delivering braking products that repeatedly racked up international victories.

The Race Winning Designs range of MTB disc brake pads comprises two material formulations.

Both having been developed, tested and fine tuned over a period of two years. Where applicable, RWD disc brake pads are supplied with high strength return springs.

All of the development takes place in the stunning Yorkshire Dales, England. They spend countless hours perfecting their materials on the very trails that you will be using them. Testing takes place all over the world by real riders using real bikes in real weather. This is why they can be certain that there is a RWD disc brake pad formulation to suit your riding. We firmly believe that you cannot find a better disc brake pad for your bike.

First things first – why do we have different material formulations?

The answer is quite simple, one material cannot cope with the wide variety of conditions that you will experience whilst riding. As a brief summary, Organic friction material is the preferred choice for summer, suited to cross country and leisure riding. it has a consistant performance across a wide operating range but is not generally suited to wet and/or harsh environments. Sintered metal material is a higher friction compound – perfect for demanding trail riding and a good choice for downhill. It works best with some heat in the system and revels in wet and gritty conditions. To learn more about each material click on the tabs above.

With a vast array of friction products available you may have come across other formulations such as semi-metallic, kevlar or even dual compound pads amongst other. RWC routinely test and compare a wide range of alternative materials and will only bring to market formulations that meet our exacting standards. Don’t beleive claims about extra long life or that “this material is the best of all worlds”. Different conditions or even riding styles require different friction materials. Once fitted to a bike, each indivual pad faces a unique life and longevity is hugely dependent on a number of circumstances, such as bedding in procedure, riding environment, cleaning rountine etc.

Organic Friction Material

RWC Semi Metalic Friction Material - Superior Friction
RWD Organic brake pads offer a consistent level of friction whilst being relatively low-wearing on the disc. The medium density and compressibility properties of this material mean that the pad has an excellent level of modulation and control. Organic disc brake pads demonstrate good cold performance, offering consistent “bite” from the outset. The green performance (from new) is equally as consistent with the pads bedding to the disc surface with relative ease and speed.

This material will perform equally and consistently in all conditions but due to the softer compound will be subject to an increased wear rate when used in sandy and/or wet environments.

RWD Organic Disc Brake Pads - Superior Friction